How Korean Male Beauty Standards be strict in 2023? Korean Male Beauty standards

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We will discuss How much Korean Male Beauty Standards be strict in 2023? And How do K-pop and other Korean models have such flawless glass skin?

Korean culture is well recognized for its high standards of beauty. South Korea was among the top ten nations with the highest rate of cosmetic surgery in 2015, according to a global assessment by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. A tiny face, a v-shaped jaw, pale skin, straight eyebrows, “smooth” skin, and big eyes are prioritized by Korean beauty standards. Aegyo-sal, a phrase used in Korea to describe the tiny fatty deposits beneath the eyes that are supposed to give a person a more youthful appearance, is one of the beauty criteria for the eyes. East Asian blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to make the eyes appear larger by creating double eyelids (creating an upper eyelid with a crease). Now we will discuss: How Korean male beauty standard 2023

Korean male beauty standards
Korean Male beauty standards

Media figures including actors, TV personalities, and K-pop artists have had a big impact on Korean beauty standards. The physical attributes of K-pop idols have significantly influenced Korean beauty standards.

K-pop singers showing Korean beauty standards

So today we will talk about the Korean Male Beauty standards. A lot of people just talk about Korean beauty standards, but nobody talks about Korean Male beauty standards. So in this blog, we will talk about the Secret of the male beauty of Koreans In 2023, some components of it, and some celebrities will exemplify it, the effects of these standards on people, men, culture as a whole, and the advantages / Disadvantages of these standards on world.

The first Korean male beauty standard is Height:

Prior to all else In terms of beauty standards, Height plays a significant creative role; all of the performers you see on television are tall. Even goods like insoles are available to significantly increase your height. In Korea, height is held in high regard. It is a very valuable component. Only those who are taller are considered attractive in Korea. Therefore, if you are shorter than 6 feet, people often comment on it.

K-pop singers showing Korean beauty standards
Korean Male height

The Second Korean male beauty standard is BODY:

Body in 2023, goes into two categories.

On one hand, you have a sort of very thin, Model like body which a lot of K-POP singers exemplify. A lot of singers or men in particular desire to be like bone stick skinny almost model-like. So you have to be tall but skinny. K-POP proliferates the idea because all of the guys there are just like bone things, just like it’s like a strict beauty standard for women. A lot of Korean singers are put to that standard being very like a bone stick and skinny. The effects of high fashion and Fashion brands entering K-POP have also made that skinny look desirable because lots of K-POP singers wear high fashion or want to work on the runway. So general people also monetize how they look because they want to be quite thin like singers or models.

skinny body of a Korean male K-pop singer
Korean Male singer skinny body

On the other side, having lots of muscle in Korean males boosts their unrealistically high standards for attractiveness. The absurdity of this norm is that these guys frequently edit their Instagram or other social media images so that they stand out. So, it alters how people perceive what a good physique is. The Korean man’s body standard thus has two extremes: on the one hand, it’s bone thin, and on the other, it’s about looking just like a muscle guy. The K-POP singers’ intriguing dual-type bodies make it difficult for the normal person to try to fit into both of these body standards. These pictures show the same K-pop singer with a skinny and muscular body before and after.

The third is Skin:

The third element, which is quite exclusive to Korea, is about skin. Every Korean male must acquire flawless skin free of blemishes and pores, making this beauty standard seem strict. They must be brighter and whiter. Some individuals in Korea might believe that because Koreans inherently possess the desirable perfect skin, they do not need to focus on this standard of beauty. But, the majority of people can get this naturally flawless, poreless skin by applying various cosmetics and adhering to a skincare routine. And for this reason, dermatologists are quite well-liked in Korea. because most people do not have perfect skin from birth. The interesting element of Korean skin standards is that they want or desire pale skin.

Korean male flawless skin standard
Flawless Korean male skin

The fourth is Face:

The Koreans have very strict standards when it comes to defining what handsome faces look like. This face beauty standard becomes very unrealistic a lot of times because they expect males to have small faces and pretty eyes. These pretty eyes do not mean to have big eyes but they expect to have clean and attractive eyes. In Korea people also prefer to have single eyelids instead of double eyelids. The cheekbones and jawbones should not be more angular instead they should be in a more soft and round shape look. According to this standard, the Korean male should have thick eyebrows.

Korean Male face beauty standard
Korean Male face feature

So these are some of the Korean Male beauty standards in 2023, now what do you people think about that what the Korean male beauty standards, and who are some of the celebrities you would exemplify that? And do you think that this strict beauty standard is positive for the culture or negative? Give us your opinion in comments below.

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